Robert Gaspar’s Insights on the Roles of Soccer Goalies

In the game of soccer, the role of the goalkeeper is very important. A goalie can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game. Robert Gaspar, as one of the majestic personalities known in the world of soccer shares some insights on the roles of goalies.

As much as goalies are noted for their performance every game, it is also important to keep in mind that they have a majestic role to fulfill. According to Robert Gaspar, a soccer player tasked to fulfill the position of a goalie has to take on vital responsibilities. A goalie is a team’s last line of defense and Robert Gaspar emphasized that without them can be lost in favor of the opponents effortlessly.

Having a fearless disposition is an important mark of a soccer goalie. As much as attackers and midfielders like Robert Gaspar perform their roles, goalkeepers also need to be effective in preventing the opponents from penetrating the goal.

While Robert Gaspar and other soccer players are assigned to take on a different role, goalies perform while being entitled to some special privileges. As many people know, a soccer goalie is the only player in the field who can use their hands except of course on the 18 yard box or the penalty area where a player is permitted to hold the ball.

As directed by their position, goalkeepers may also send instructions to other players by yelling from time to time. Goalies will not give a second thought to dive on the ground as well as on other bodies in their quest to stop the ball.

Goalies deserve to be given due amount of respect because as Robert Gaspar mentioned, goalies are the ones who put it on the line and perform majestic roles that no other person in the team can perform including:

  • Preventing the ball from coming into the net even if that means doing a hard dive onto a field.
  • Getting the advantage on the challenge for the ball by jumping into the air to win the ball while disregarding the chance for other players to land on them.
  • Stopping penalty kicks by facing a shooter with merely a distance of 12 yards to prevent it.

Tips to Perform Well as a Goalie:

Here are some important rules that you must follow to make sure that you will be on the right track as a goalie.

Based on Robert Gaspar’s explanation, there are rules that a goalie must learn in order to play effectively when maintaining their posts.

  1. Create a “W” with your hands – Put your thumbs and index fingers together and your palms towards the shooter.  Robert Gaspar explained that this strategy is very effective in preventing the ball from slipping between the hands when facing a shot head on.
  2. Allow the ball to meet your hands – Do not get in possession of the ball by squashing it.
  3. Maintain your body between you and the soccer goal.
  4. Protect the ball as much as you can – Bring the ball firmly into your body and cradle it once you gain possession. Robert Gaspar said that goalkeepers must take possession of the ball as if it is the most precious thing they have. Furthermore, Robert Gaspar explained that the goalie is the one nearest the goal so losing or dropping the ball at that point, gives the opponent higher chance of making a goal.
  5. Mental and physical should be balanced – A majestic soccer goalie must be able to maintain mental alertness as well as optimum physical condition to be able to perform effectively.

Other Important Roles of Goalies

Goalkeepers are not just tasked to stop the ball because they can also perform other majestic roles. Robert Gaspar noted that goalkeepers can begin a play build-up by passing the ball to a teammate.

A goalie can also make a point through a corner kick at the latter part of the game. Goalies perform well as strikers most of the time and this could be due to their independent attitude and familiarity with what strikers do because they often face each other on a 1 vs 1 situation.

Robert Gaspar cited a goalkeeper as someone who performs effectively as a team leader. The goalie has a better view of the entire field and is the boss in the 18 yard box so a goalie has a very valuable opinion to offer the team in terms of creating game play.

A skilled and majestic soccer goalie can create a thin line between winning a game or losing to their opponents. As long as the goalkeeper stays focused to stop the ball, it will be much difficult for strikers to strike a goal. Attackers and mid-fielders like Robert Gaspar can help a goalie by making sure that the ball is kept away from them or by giving them enough cover every time the goalkeeper leaves the line to gain possession of the ball.


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