Learn More About Standard Soccer Positions – Tips from Robert Gaspar

If you are in a group of soccer fanatics, you will surely be impressed with the way they talk about the game with expertise. One of the things that you will surely be interested to know is the position that every majestic soccer player plays. Robert Gaspar knows that the terms fullback, striker or sweeper seem like a foreign language so this article highlights the various types of standard soccer positions.

Don’t give others a chance for others to ridicule you for lacking knowledge in soccer. Robert Gaspar will let you in on the things that you need to know about the majestic soccer positions.

3 Broad Areas of Soccer Positions:

Each player in a soccer match has a variety of positions to play and these are distributed into three, namely: defense, midfield, and attack.

Defense: Players who are on the defense needs to  block the strikers and forwards of the opposing team and must take a position that is near at the rear of the playing field to stay close to their goal and team mates.

Midfield: Players who are positioned as a midfielder are required to spend most of their time in the middle third of the field to become an effective part of the team. According to Robert Gaspar, midfielders form the channel between the attacking squad of the team and its defenders. The midfield is also referred to as the heart of the game and this is the position that gave Robert Gaspar a majestic name in the world of soccer.

Attack: Players who are on the attacking side of the team are in the glamorous end. They are the ones who are tasked to receive the ball from the midfielders and score a goal. Attackers enjoy a majestic and high profile and are positioned at the front field. However, Robert Gaspar noted that they cannot function without the help of skillful midfield and defence players.

Individual Soccer Positions


The goalie is the one who needs to stay close to his goal and defend it from opponents who want to score a goal. Among the most noticeable differences in a goalie are the gloves and different shirt that he wears. According to Robert Gaspar, this majestic player is also the only one allowed to use his hands. During play he may use any part of his body to block shots at goal as long as he remains within his penalty box.


Backs are the players who are positioned closer to their own goal than any other soccer player, aside from the goalie. Backs are positioned as centre backs and full backs. These majestic players are positioned to block attacks from players and keep them from scoring.

Offensive Midfielder

Midfielders are the ones positioned in between the backs and the forwards. According to Robert Gaspar, a player positioned as an offensive midfielder must play closer to the forwards and help in attacking.

Defensive Midfielder

A defensive midfielder plays nearer to the backs and supports the defensive side rather than the attacking point, they are also the ones who usually work as the second half of a pair along with the offensive midfielder.


This position requires a majestic soccer player to have a wide coverage and work on the field outside the offensive and defensive midfielders. Robert Gaspar added that wingers are the ones who aim to feed the ball to the strikers and get goal shots. They can also attack the goal themselves.


 The forwards are the front players. Robert Gaspar explained that they are the majestic players who head the action and tie up their opposite defenders.


According to Robert Gaspar, strikers are part of the forwards. They are the majestic players who are geared to shooting for goal and are knows as some of the most talented players that can make their personality remarkable on a team.


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