Train Like a Professional Soccer Player – Tips from the Majestic Robert Gaspar

To become a professional soccer player you have to undergo training programs, develop your skills, and maximize your potentials. There are professional training programs that will help you reach your peak soccer form and even work with the most renowned and majestic soccer coaches and trainers. Aside from that, there are also important components that one should not overlook to be able to train like a real pro, like the majestic Robert Gaspar.

Meeting The Demands Of Soccer

Professional soccer players like Robert Gaspar may need to cover a distance of 8 to 12 kilometers during a match, and this will involve strenuous activities such as sprinting, jogging, walking, and coursing. A single match can test the endurance of a soccer player even if technically, the player will only be in actual possession of the ball for less than two minutes or approximately 1% of the game.

To break it down, here is the percentage of activities that professionals like Robert Gaspar are expected to endure per match:

  • 35% – jogging
  • 25% – walking
  • 21% – coursing
  • 11% – sprinting
  • 7%  – walking/running backwards

On the professional level, midfielders like Robert Gaspar have greater distance to cover as compared with the distance that strikers and defenders cover. Usually, attacking midfielders like Robert Gaspar need to work 50-100% harder than the other players during a soccer game because they are in charge of attacks and defense.

Achieve Your Best Form Through Soccer Training & Drills

Playing in the professional soccer league isn’t for everybody, and that’s what makes it so special.  There are only a few and majestic individuals like Robert Gaspar who know the amount of commitment and dedication to achieve their goals and earn recognition as a soccer player.

Professional soccer athletes like the majestic Robert Gaspar went through intensive training to be considered valuable players of the sport.

Soccer training programs have core components and these include:

  • Physical performance
  • Skills exercises
  • Strength and conditioning

It is of topmost importance for professional Soccer players to focus on all of these core components while training because anyone who wants to play effectively the way Robert Gaspar does and be in the pitch will require the right mix of strength, endurance, and skill.

A soccer player’s staying power is very important because most of the time, active players like Robert Gaspar reach up to 90% of their maximum heart rate every match.

It should be a top priority for soccer players to learn the Soccer drills that focus on endurance and help improve players’ oxygen consumption to make sure that they will be able to cover the distance they need to cover and offer superior involvement in the game as a whole.

At present, strength training is a crucial aspect of Soccer drills as this is considered to be an important factor that affects overall conditioning. By enhancing strength during training, Soccer players like Robert Gaspar can contribute explosive power during attacks or defense and will even allow players to stay away from injuries.

Last Words…

To be able to play like a real pro like Robert Gaspar and become a majestic personality on the Soccer field, it is very important to allot enough time to be with the ball and love everything about it unconditionally. Practice, training and performing drills day in and day out even with imaginary players will make you love the game and eventually become one of the Soccer players who mastered the sport like the majestic Robert Gaspar.


Robert Gaspar: Majestic On and Off the Soccer Field

Robert Gaspar is one of the most notable names when it comes to the much loved sport, soccer. He is known not only as a majestic soccer player but also a well respected sportsman even when off the playing field.

Take time to learn more about the majestic Robert Gaspar by getting a brief look at his biography.

Robert Gaspar’s Beginnings

Born in Perth, Australia on February 07, 1981, Robert Gaspar trained early and played with various teams from several countries to achieve his peak form as a soccer player.

At an early age, there were already signs telling that the majestic Robert Gaspar is an up-and-coming soccer superstar in the country where he was born. Australia may not be the pioneer in terms of playing soccer but it has produced notable personalities in the world of soccer with the likes of Johnny Warren, Tim Cahill, Craig Johnston, Mark Viduka, Mark Schwarzer, and Harry Kewell.

Gaspar evolved to become a noteworthy soccer player and with the dedication he has for the sport, there is a great chance that he will be lined along with Australia’s soccer legends.

Soccer in Australia

Soccer is a distinguished sport in Australia especially now that it joined the Asian Football Confederation signifying massive evolution on Australian football standards while at the same time opening opportunities for national teams to qualify for World Cup play-offs.

As soccer in Australia continues to look good, hopefuls and even professional soccer players like the majestic Robert Gaspar can hope that there is more to come for soccer enthusiasts.

Robert Gaspar the Attacker

His full name is Robert Mark Gaspar but he is also known as Robert Gaspar or simply Robbie especially among his family and friends. As a soccer player, he is very effective as an attacking midfielder for Inglewood United, a soccer team based in his hometown, Perth.

Gaspar shone as a majestic soccer player because of the perseverance he gave to the sport. Robert played as an attacker on the midfield for Malaysian Sabah FA for two seasons (2003 to 2004) allowing him to be a part of the Malaysian finals cup.

Apart from joining the Malaysian team Robert also joined HNK Hajduk Split, a youth team where he played for two years but this wasn’t enough to make him qualified to play for the Croatian giants for his first team appearance.


1999 – Robert was awarded the Australian Underage Representative Honours presented by the Australian Schoolboy International.

2002 – Gaspar received Club Honors from the Football West State League Premier Division.

These are some of the achievements proving how the majestic Robert Gaspar managed to excel as a soccer player even at the early stages of his career.

Robert Gaspar as APPI supporter

Gaspar proved that there is more to him than just being a renowned personality on the soccer field. Robert earned the respect of his colleagues and is considered a veteran after 10 years of playing for the Indonesian Football league. The majestic Gaspar is also very vocal in supporting Asosiasi Pesepakbola Profesional Indonesia or APPI on its quest to bring improvements on Indonesian football.

Aside from offering enough time and effort for his team and for the game he plays, Robert Gaspar also went out of his way to look  into the welfare of other soccer players while giving enough thought on the future of soccer in Indonesia.

Gaspar also expressed his support to APPI as the organization continues to do its role in preserving the rights of all professional soccer players in Indonesia in spite of the difficult situation.

Robert was also quoted saying how complicated it will be for other people to really understand the severity of problems that soccer players deal with unless they witness them. APPI offers initiatives aimed at resolving conflicts created by those who are not really protecting the future of the sport as well as the people behind it and instead only aim at preserving their political interests and personal gains.

Robert Gaspar is a fervent supporter of APPI as it continues to represent the best interests of his colleagues and leave the light open at the end of the tunnel so soccer players will still find reasons to look forward to a brighter future ahead of them.

A true-blue athlete, Robert has evolved not only as a professional soccer player but also as an individual with a big heart for everyone. Gaspar holds values that made him stand out on and off the soccer field as he helps boost the morale of his fellow players.

Gaspar is now playing for Australia as Inglewood United’s attacker. Inglewood United is a prominent soccer team from Perth, Western Australia and also plays in the Football West State League.

Robert Gaspar has traveled and played with different nationalities to embrace his profession and excel as a majestic soccer player. He has earned the respect of soccer fans and even co-players because as he continues to improve as an individual, Robert Gaspar also became more majestic as he tries through his own ways to create a better future for his fellow athletes.

Listed below are the vital statistics that will allow you to learn more about his personal details as well as his milestones as a soccer player:

Personal Information:

Full Name : Robert Mark Gaspar

Date of birth: February 07, 1981

Age: 32 years old

Place of birth: Perth, Australia

Height: 1. 84 m (6 ft or 184cm)

Weight: 73 kg

Playing Position: Attacking Midfielder

Shirt No: 31

Current Club: Free Agent

Career Milestones:

1996 to 1998 – HNK Hajduk Split (Junior)

1998 – HNK Hajduk Split (Senior)

1999 – Cockburn City2000 – Sydney Olympics

2001 to 2002 – Perth SC2003 to 2005 – Sabah

2005 – Persita Tangerang

2006 to 2009 – Persiba Balikpapan

2009 to 2011 – Persema Malang

2011 to 2012 – Pesib Bandung

2013 – Inglewood United